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Warrior to Citizen…to court

March 10, 2010
Two members of the Warrior to Citizen Campaign working group have led an effort with others to create veterans specialty courts in Minnesota. The pilot will begin in Hennepin County in July.
Read more in a March 9 Star Tribune article by reporter Mark Brunswick, who recently returned from Afghanistan where he was embedded with Minnesota National Guard soldiers.
New vets court aims to help scarred soldiers
Minnesota veterans who come home from war after surviving, seeing and doing the unthinkable could find themselves in a special court when they end up on the wrong side of domestic assaults, DWIs, barroom brawls and life on the street.
“We’re going to have to grab this head-on, or we’re going to have our court system clogged with returning service members,” said Minnesota Court of Appeals Judge Renee Worke, who has been part of a working group developing the new court. “Veterans are a unique group of people, and the combat veteran in particular needs to be addressed.” …

The Warrior to Citizen Campaign is a grassroots effort organized by the Center for Democracy and Citizenship to provide enduring support to Minnesota’s returning veterans and their families. It challenges all Minnesotans to think actively and creatively about how returning veterans can contribute their new skills and insight to our organizations, businesses, schools, local governments and communities—as citizens.

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