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Young people don’t sugarcoat it

May 25, 2010

High school students enrolled in the “I Have a Dream” Foundation program in Boulder, Colorado, have seen teen violence and gang activity in their community, and they want it to stop.

They used Public Achievement to create a mini-documentary featuring experts — former gang members — answering questions such as how you say no to pressure to join a gang, and how you leave a gang. Like the Public Achievement team in Minneapolis we wrote about earlier this month, the Boulder team knows that they must be part of the solution to ending teen violence.

The Public Achievement team would like to to specially recognize the following individuals and organizations:
Rudy, Jose, Mark, and Elyana
University of Colorado–Boulder Institute for Ethical and Civic Engagement
University of Colorado–Boulder INVST Community Studies
“I Have a Dream” Foundation of Boulder County
Public Achievement coaches from University of Colorado–Boulder
Black Sun Cinema
and Colorado Campus Compact

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  1. shelly Robertson permalink
    July 1, 2010 11:50 am

    This is terrific work! Can we view the documentary somewhere? What kind of impact or outcome are they hoping to achieve with this project?

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