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Beyond the volunteer state

July 2, 2010

Tennessee is called the Volunteer State, a nickname earned during the War of 1812 when thousands of volunteer Tennessee soldiers turned out on the battlefields. It says something about the values of Tennesseans that they have not only retained the nickname but made visible reminders of this heritage part of their everyday landscape (on license plates, and in the athletics program – the “Vols” – at the University of Tennessee).

While we have all probably been the one-time or episodic volunteer, we can also probably see the value in developing skills to go beyond a limited contribution of service.

Starting next fall at Middle Tennessee State University, college students will have the option to design a program that mixes experiences in a community-based research practicum, internships, study abroad, and skills and simulation courses to become more effective in sustained community engagement. Read more about this new political and civic engagement minor on the American Democracy Project blog.

The Center for Democracy and Citizenship is a partner with the American Association of State Colleges and Universities in the Civic Agency Initiative.

New Political and Civic Engagement Minor at Middle Tennessee State University

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